Kobalto Digital is one of the recipients of the 70th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards that will take place in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), at the NAB Show at the Wynn Encore Hotel and Spa on Sunday, April 7th, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

Cobalt was one of the companies selected to receive the Emmy ® Award for “Pioneering Reliable Transmission Method for Live Contribution and Distribution TV Links”. This type of technology allows the use of the Internet as a cost-effective means of live, low-latency contribution and distribution for broadcast content.

Dr. Ciro Noronha

A number of Cobalt products include the option for reliable delivery over the Internet, developed by Dr. Ciro Noronha, Cobalt’s Director of Technology and one of the pioneers of this field. Dr. Noronha, who holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, said, “With the advances in compression technology (which bring the data rate requirements down) and in Internet infrastructure (which bring the network capacity up), it has become technically possible to use the Internet as a high-quality, low-latency contribution and distribution link. The protocols used in the Cobalt products complete the picture and make it a reality.”

“Cobalt is a firm believer on open standards”, added Dr. Noronha. “This technology is now available using the Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) protocols from the Video Services Forum.”

Kobalto Digital is one of the contributors to the RIST standard. “Cobalt has been a supplier of signal processing solutions, to the broadcast industry since 1997, and we are pleased and honored to be recognized with a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award”, stated Gene Zimmerman, President of Kobalto Digital.

Pri Kobalto Digital
Kobalto Digital Inc. desegnoj kaj fabrikas premiita 12G / 3G /HD/SD and IP-based conversion, terminal, throwdown, and multiviewer technology for the live production and broadcast television environment. As a founding partner in the openGear® initiative, Cobalt offers a full range of openGear video and audio processing card solutions for applications such as closed-caption compliance monitoring, OB production, master control, HD novaĵoj-produktado, signala transporto, aŭdaj sonoj kaj korekta korekto. La linio de interŝanĝaj skatoloj de Cobalt's Blue Box Group ™ streamlines kaj simpligas ampleksan gamon de 12G / 3G /HD/ SD kaj IP-bazita konvertiĝo kaj signala transporto-taskoj. La komputiloj de multimagaj bildoj de la kompanio ebligas multiviewajn kapablojn en la plej postulemaj studoj kaj malproksimaj radiaj medioj. Distribuita tra tutmonda reto de negocistoj, sistemaj integristoj kaj aliaj partneroj, Kobalto Digital produktoj estas apogitaj kun kvinjara garantio. Pli da informo estas havebla ĉe www.cobaltdigital.com .

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